Guild Geocaching

Far over the misty mountains cold,
to dungeons deep and caverns old.
We must away ere break of day,
to claim our long-forgotten gold


   Looking for a way to benefit from the billions of dollars your country spent on satellites to help pilots figure out where they are?
   Pick up a handheld GPS receiver and head off into the woods using the world's most advanced navigation system to find Tupperware and trinkets.
   Born at the the turn of the millenium after the government unscrambled the global positioning system signals, Geocaching is a treasure hunting sport that melds high tech gadgets with good old fashioned exercise.
  People hide containers full of goodies in publicly accessible wilderness and post the coordinates at Others get  the coordinates and head out to find it, trading trinkets and logging the find at the website.
  There are variations. Some caches involve solving a series of riddles to find the treasure. Others lead to scenic views.
Geocaching is a free activity. The only expenses are the equipment --- GPS device, trade items, hiking boots. Restoration is free at
   Skulldiggers has the oldest active cache in Iowa.
Greenbelt Lake Caches 
We headed out to Greenbelt Lake area and found two geocaches. Above are Julie, Gnome2 and Gnome1.




























































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Gorge of Eternal Peril
The guild braved tetanus, insects and structural collapse from the rusty bridge at at Thunder Woman Park. But the weeds and mud on the trail proved too much. (June 14, 09)
Brush Creek Climb
Gnome1 squeezed through a narrow cave to reach this scenic overhang and Brush Creek Canyon. (May 25, 09)
Fontana Park 
Gnome1 found a well-hidden cache near Fontana Lake. (July 09)
Maltese Goldfinch 3 
The final Goldfinch cache is in a remote location away from established trails. .
Skywatcher Gorge
10.13.01 -- It took awhile to find this cache in Skywatcher Gorge, partly because of clouds, rain and high trees.
Sisters Climb
9.28.01 -- After finding Sisters Climb, we took a short hike to Bob Upton's Cave (Bob Upton wasn't home)
Palmetto State Trip 
Gnome1 and Katinka check the stash at Silver Star in Camden, SC,
(Sept. 6, 05)