Altun Ha Adventure
   Altun Ha, Maya for Rockstone Pond, was occupied for about 1,200 years until sometime between AD 900 and 950. The city is believed to have housed as many as 10,000 people, and about 500 buildings have been recorded on the site. The ruins feature two plazas flanked by stone pyramids.
Above: Mask on the front of Sun God Temple II (aka Temple of the Masonry Alters).

Left: Rain God Temple (aka Temple of the Green Tomb) next to the back of Sun God Temple I viewed from the south.
Right: Standing on the steps of Sun God Temple I (aka Building A5) with Sun God Temple II in the background.

Below: Sun God Temple II (aka Temple of the Masonry Alters) was the last of the buildings to be constructed at Altun Ha. Several priestly tombs were found in the central structure, but most had been looted. The famous Jade Head, a 15cm-tall statue depicting Maya sun god Kinich Ahau, was discovered in one of the intact tombs. The temple adorns the label for Belikin beer. The remains of the Temple of the Moon (with the trodden Y-shaped path) is in front of Sun God.
The Tour
   Altun Ha is a nice site but not as popular as a tourist location, so we the area empty (save the staff and some 100 British soldiers who showed up as we were leaving). We took a boat ride to Bomba on the mainland with two other couples and then a van to Altun Ha. We dropped by the Maruba Spa and Resort on the way back for lunch, swimming and horseback riding.


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