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NatGeo Slide Puzzle



Jewel Quest

Dozens of levels await you in Jewel Quest: The first ones are pretty easy but, as you get into it, you may have second thoughts about the increasingly difficult puzzles. Challenge and fun are constant companions on your Jewel Quest. There area also dozens of bonuses and pitfalls to spice up the game.

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Solve a mysterious case involving well kept secrets in the Ravenhearst Manor. Magnifying glass in hand, rummage in the 32 new settings which await you, and detect all the necessary clues among the hundreds of scattered objects in the time allotted to you! Dozens of different puzzles have been added to the classical crime scenes to defy your logic and your analyzing abilities.

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Set off to find hundreds of hidden objects in the 30 new backdrops awaiting you in Hidden Expedition: Everest. Exotic, intriguing and picturesque: each setting conceals treasures which you must find within the time limit.

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Rocket Mania

Rocket Mania is an arcade strategy game in which the object is to make as many rockets as possible take off...but it's not that easy to light the fuse!.

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