Recommended reading
Be Expert with Map & Compass, by Bjorn Hjellstrom
Classic manual on navigation for survival and recreation. Complete with instructions and exercises in the sport of orienteering (which is popular in Sweden). 220 pages. Collier Books.

How to Climb Rock, by John Long
Instruction book covers the skills, gear and techniques rock climbing. Lots of drawings and photographs. 186 pages. Chockstone Press.

Come Back Alive, by Robert Young Pelton
A common sense guide to surviving disasters, kidnappings, animal attacks and other
nasty perils of modern travel. 288 pages. Doubleday.

The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook and
Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Travel
by J. Piven & D. Borgenicht
Similar to Come Back Alive. These two books offer simple 1-2 page step-by-step explanations on how to fall out of a moving vehicle, ram a car, fight off an alligator, shark and other wildlife, deliver a baby in a taxi, tail a person, jump from a waterfall and much, much more.176 pages and 190 pages. Chronicle Books.
The SAS Survival Handbook, by John Wiseman
The definitive how-to survival guide. Covers shelter, food, water and travel in every climate and terrain. Complete with first aid sections and full-color illustrations of edible/dangerous plants, animals and insects. 569 pages. Collins.
for the trail

Garmin eTrex Legend
Great for pinpointing where you are and where you are going. Has built-in maps and can save routes and waypoints directly to the PC.

Cobra MicroTalk 3
Small, lightweight personal communications on the FRS spectrum. Carries about one mile and features 14 channels, 38 subchannels, scanning and encrypted broadcasting. Options include headsets, rechargeable battery cells.

Silva Type 3 Compass
Liquid-filled compass essential for navigation. Small, light, simple and easy to read.

Pentax W90 Camera
by Pentax
12.1 megapixel camera with built-in flash, 5x zoom, waterproof, shockproof. Also shoots HD videos.

Fisher Space
or Pilot G2 gel pens
Great for writing on the trail, in rain or snow. Fishers are great, but Pilot G2 are cheaper and easier to find in stores.

Also in the hiking kit:
MagLite torch (w/ LED upgrade)
Camillus pocket knife
Gerber signaling mirror
Bic lighter
snakebite kit


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