Skywatchers Gorge
   Even with the half-mile hike, even with the clouds and rain, Skywatchers Gorge (above) was worth the trip.

   It wasn't raining when we started out -- only cloudy. The terrain was great considering this is the Midwest.  After crossing a trickle of a stream and trudging through a pine needle trail, we lost the path and went cross country down a ridge until we found the gorge.

   Finding the hidden treasure cache wasn't easy -- the clouds and trees messed with the signal. It took us about 20 to 30 minutes, and we never really got the GPS to zero out.
   As we started to leave, the rain began to fall. We found a small cave in the gorge wall in an attempt to wait out the storm (above and below). Fifteen minutes later, the rain was still falling, so we set out and got soaked as we headed back to the car.

   Wulfgar (below) is holding a walking stick fashioned by Roger's Staves of Arizona. Roger can fashion anything into a walking stick.

   A shot of our view from the cave (right).


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